Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can help bring you closer to your financial goals.

Many people struggle when it comes to negotiating wages, to say the least. The thought of going head-to-head with your boss evokes feelings of dread and discomfort in a substantial number of people.

We’re here to flip that thought process on its head!

After years of experience in a variety of fields, we’ve assembled our top tips for helping you to come out on top of those harrowing negotiations. Follow our advice, and you’ll find yourself earning closer to what you’re really worth.

It’s About Value

One of the best tips for navigating the money question is to remember what’s really going on. Your employer/boss/manager/whatever is looking for a competent employee that can provide the most value per dollar, among other things. Before you start negotiating terms, think of how you can provide the most value to your employer.

Positioning yourself as a value-driven worker will give you ample leverage to get the most out of the discussion.

It’s Not All About Money

Money talks, but there are other perks that you might be able to negotiate as well. Sometimes, employers can’t pay you any more, but all is not lost! Thanks to some simple economics, companies might be able to provide you with something cheaper than you could get elsewhere or on your own. Think of things like healthcare, the company’s products, office space, working hours, workstation equipment, food, and more. Sometimes, you might be able to come out ahead in a negotiation without moving the needle on your wage.

If your employer can’t raise you to where you think you should be, consider other benefits that might work for you.

Learn The Politics

At the end of the day, all companies have internal politics. Pay careful attention to the relationships and interactions going on around you, and try to get to know as many people in the organization as you can.

Making friends in high places can go a long way towards landing that next raise or promotion.

Can you think of any good tips for improving your pay? Let us know in the comments.